Curriculum vitae

Fabio Massimo Bonini, Class ’59, from Modena. Theatre and TV actor, presenter and voice actor. I began my career when I was quite young, in the mid-1970s, working for the first private radio stations in Liguria, but it was only in 1984, when head of programmes Arnaldo Bagnasco invited me to Radio Rai’s Genoa studios, that I realised I was destined for a life in show business.
As a result I moved to Milan, where I attended theatre and performance schools and workshops. In 1987 I took to the stage with a series of interesting debuts.
Since that time the theatre has played a constant role in my career – I have played in “Coppia Aperta” (“The Open Couple”) by Dario Fo with Franca Rame, “Gigi” with Grazia Migneco, “Camille Claudel” with Elisabetta Ratti, “Tre Uomini e una Culla” (“Three Men and a Cradle”) with Corrado Tedeschi, “Whose Life Is It Anyway?” by Brian Clark, “La cantata per la festa dei bambini morti di mafia” (Dance for the Festival of Children killed by the Mafia) by Luciano Violante, directed by Ginella Bertacchi, to mention just a few of the most important roles. At the same time I have appeared in many TV productions and worked as a voice actor in a large number of commercials.
My TV baptism came in 1988 when I played a small role in Salvatore Nocita’s interpretation of “Promessi Sposi” (“The Betrothed”) for the RAI network. I carried on working in the public TV network in “Il Colore della Vittoria” (The Colour of Victory), directed by Vittorio De Sisti (1989), the Italian-American soap opera “Secrets” (1992), “Servo d’Amore” (Servant of Love) with Remo Girone (1993), “Nemici Intimi” (Close Enemies) with Franco Nero (1994), “Occhio di Falco” (Eyes of a Hawk) with Gene Gnocchi (1995) and “Interset” by Gilberto Squizzato (1996). In 1997 the BBC selected me for a role in three episodes of Britains’ most popular soap “Eastenders” and in April 1998 I co-starred in “Passerà il freddo” (The Cold Will Pass), a made-for-TV film directed by Daniele Sangiorgi.
For the Mediaset organisation I have taken part in all the popular “Casa Vianello” and “Cascina Vianello” TV series (1991-2000) and played several roles with Gino Bramieri and Franca Valeri in “Norma e Felice” (1995).
In 1999 I played a character whose life gravitates around the experiences of the families in the soap “Vivere” (Living) and in December of the same year I took part in the production of a short film entitled “La vita tua” (Your Life), directed by Roberto Palmieri for UPC in Milan.
The return of the Cochi and Renato double act gave me the opportunity to play a role in an episode of the series “Nebbia in Val Padana” (Fog in Val Padana) on the Rai1 network.
In early 2000 I took part in two cinema productions – “Honolulu Baby”, directed by Maurizio Nichetti, and Luciano Emmer’s film “Una lunga lunga lunga notte d’amore” (A Long Long Long Night of Love) with Ornella Muti and Giancarlo Giannini.
In spring 2000 I worked in the new film by Carlo Vanzina, “Quello che le ragazze non dicono” (What Girls Don’t Say).
At the same time, in 1990 I began presenting the weekly “Programma Italia News”, which provided a first taste of success for Italian corporate TV, followed by “Mediolanum Business News” by Banca Mediolanum, broadcast via satellite to over seven thousand financial consultants across Italy.
From 1995 to 1998 I also presented “Standa Television”, created by the same producers (Mediolanum Comunicazione) for the Standa Group’s workforce of thirteen thousand.
From 1996 to 1997 I worked with Patrizia Rossetti on “Casa per Casa”, once again for Mediaset.
In September 1998 Paolo Limiti invited me to appear as a guest on the RAI2 broadcast “Ci vediamo in tv” (See You on TV).
In 2001 I returned to the soap “Vivere”, this time playing the nasty Carlo Mantegna, who soon became a very popular character.
In 2002 I became a talk show host, compering a weekly live broadcast on the Mediolanum Channel.
In 2003 I hosted the talk show “Buone Notizie” (Good News), broadcast on the Mediolanum Channel (Sky channel 803 )
I also played the engineer Notaro, the new mayor of S. Fedele, the setting for “Don Luca”, a popular sitcom starring Luca Laurenti.
In 2004 I became author and presenter of the TV programme “Gente di Mare” (Seafarers), broadcast on the Mediolanum Channel (Sky channel 803)
After a long absence from the stage I again took to the boards in 2005 in “Il sano immaginario ovvero Dott. Knock o il trionfo della medicina” (“Dr. Knock or The Triumph of Medicine”), freely adapted from the play of the same name by Jules Romains.
I also appeared on the Mediolanum Channel (Sky channel 803) with a new series of the TV programme “Gente di Mare”, which I wrote and presented.
After the success of the previous series, in 2006 I once again wrote and presented “Gente di Mare” on the Mediolanum Channel (Sky channel 803).
On TV again, but not just Sky this time, I played a new role in the Canale 5 sitcom “Casa Vianello”, and I played a new character, the lawyer Enrico Piersanti, in the soap “Vivere”, also for Canale 5.
In 2007 I resumed my role as writer and presenter of the new series of “Gente di Mare” (Sky channel 803). In September I made my debut as an author with the publication of my first book “Easy un sogno che diventa realtà” (Easy A Dream That Came True), a description of life, places and sailing.
I played the lawyer Piersanti in “Vivere” until 2008, when the director Max Leonida chose me for the part of a ruthless killer in the film “Mandala”.
In July 2008 I played the Conte D’Ambrosio in Franco Fraternali’s film “La Buca 17”.
In September I joined shooting for the TV film “Intelligence”, broadcast by Mediaset in late 2009, and in 2008 I again wrote and presented the “Gente di Mare” series on the Mediolanum Channel (Sky channel 803).
In December 2008 I co-hosted “Stelle e note di Natale” (Christmas Stars and Notes) with Marina Graziani.
In January 2009 filming for the TV film “Intelligence” continued.
In April I exchanged the identity of a secret agent for that of a football coach, playing alongside the lovely Randy Ingerman in “Backward”, a film about the world of football, based on an original story by former Juventus goalkeeper Stefano Tacconi,
In January 2010 “Il Campionissimo” (Champion of Champions) on Rai3 aired a special on Fausto Coppi. I played in several scenes recalling his life.
In April 2010 I began work on the Mediaset TV series “Distretto di polizia 10” (Precinct 10), where I played councillor Sergio Biondi. The series was broadcast in September 2010.
“Backward” had its cinema release in May 2010, and was presented out of competition at the Cannes Festival.
I began filming for the TV movie “Al di la del lago” (Beyond the Lake) in 2010, in the role of Oreste Dergilis (Chief Forestry Ranger), broadcast by Mediaset in December.
In August 2011 Woody Allen chose me for the part of Max in the film “To Rome With Love”.
In March 2012 I presented “Presunto Colpevole” (Presumed Guilty), directed by Daniela Vismara and broadcast in six parts on Rai2. The programme investigated and described cases involving a miscarriage of justice.

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